Thursday, May 19, 2011


I have been absent for a bit here…I go in spurts. Sometimes I can update daily, and sometimes, I can go a whole week without updating. I have a legit excuse this time however. I was in a cabin, on Lake Tahoe, with no Internet since Saturday, and I took full advantage of it. There are very few moments in our lives these days where we can actually unplug from the cyber world. Being I found myself in one of those moments, I took full advantage of it. Even my cell phone was on the fritz so no readily available Internet access for me! I enjoyed it, but I also really enjoyed catching up on the blogs I read once I fixed my cell phone. I learned a very valuable lesson during this period of cyber disconnect; I am fully addicted to the Internet. Yes, my name is a Adara, and I am addicted to 3G, WIFI, Twitter, Facebook,, gmail,, and a variety of random blogs.

Our trip was wonderful. Lots of family time. We arrived in Reno on Thursday and pretty much went right to bed to rest up for Laine’s big day! She graduated on Friday and we celebrated with a wonderful lunch, a little shopping, and a gathering at her favorite pizza joint that evening!

Saturday morning I ran a little over 4 miles and was happy I did at least something in the exercise realm while on vacation. Then we headed up to Tahoe City where we were greeted by snow, but beautiful views!

We spent the rest of the days enjoying the cabin just off of Lake Tahoe. We visited Emerald Bay and took some pictures and my favorite adventure was on Tuesday when we headed to winery’s in California! A few of us got a little tipsy but it was quite the adventure!

Last night we got in at 11:45 pm. I think I fell asleep around 1:00am, maybe a bit later, and I am sure tired today! It was hard getting out of bed! But I am at work, catching up. I even made a trip to grab a few WW snacks to get back on track.

Tonight I will do some homework and pack for Fargo-Moorhead where I will be participating in my third 5k. I work tomorrow morning but leave around noon to get up north before the 6:30pm start time. I plan on drinking loads of water tomorrow and stretching throughout the car ride to make sure I am well hydrated and ready to roll once I hit town.

Amidst my lack of updating, I have left you all in the dark about my hoopla surrounding the Royal wedding! I know it is well over two weeks in the past but I am writing up a little something and will post later!

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