Saturday, May 21, 2011

picture love...

I thought I would share some pictures of my medal and new swag. This is the first race I have participated in where there was a medal given at the end! (love this! way more then the crappy cotton t-shirt I received!)

Also thought I would share a picture of my new headbands!

And my new shirt which fits my personality to a T! And, it is not a crappy cotton shirt (like the ones given to the runners of the 5k...fancy that, all the other races where given WAY nicer RUNNING shirts)!

And on my drive home, this little inspirational view greeted me...the road ahead is promising? I think so!

And don't worry, I am not THAT bent out of shape over the crappy cotton t-shirt...I will just have to run further next time to get an ACTUAL running that maybe wicks away sweat, not harbors it!

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