Tuesday, June 7, 2011

just there...

So yeah, the roller coaster of life sure can take some dips. I have been absent this past week from blogging as I was helping my best friend LeeAnn deal with the death of her sister. It was really hard to see LeeAnn go through this pain, and it was really hard to see a bright, fiery, 15-year old girl who will not get to flourish and succeed as she was supposed to. To all my friends and family, please know that you are never alone. There is always someone who cares, always someone to listen.

It is nice to be back to a routine today. I was excited to get back to work and tonight I will go for a nice run. It is super hot and muggy here in the MN so I will have to log this run on the treadmill, which kind of sucks as I am hoping to log my longest run yet. Last Wednesday, my mom and I signed up for a half marathon taking place on July 4th…I have a shit load of work to get up to that point!

I am also back to taking WW more seriously…I have not been very strict with myself the last month and if I were to be honest, I have not really been strict the last two months! But I am ready to jump back in and luckily, I have only put on about 3 pounds. When I eat crap, I just feel heavy and bloated, so for myself, my body, and my sanity, it is just time to hop back on!

We did get to take a break over this sad weekend and head up north to Ely with Laura, Dave, Tonya and Hija…it was an amazing trip and I will put some pics up later this week…a much needed break and something to take my mind off of the tragedy effecting LeeAnn…my mind never wandered far from her though…it is hard to be on vacation while your best friend is hurting…thank Gosh for cell service in Ely so I could at least keep up with her.

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