Tuesday, March 8, 2011


It is fun to see that my weight has gone from the 40’s to the 20’s! I like seeing that! Even if I may have hit a plateau last week…ok, well gained L
This weekend I have some big plans for my birthday, so I am really trying to make sure I eat good this week cause who knows what the weekend will bring! Good thing I have my weeklies! They will all be saved for the festivities! Of course I will help counter some of this with my Saturday morning 5k run! I am so looking forward to this event and for a variety of reasons!

First, it is my second 5k, and this one I have actually trained for! Second, I am doing it with some of my best friends, some really strong wonderful women, while my other group of best friends cheer’s us on from the sidelines! I am looking forward to the challenge, to breathing in fresh air while pushing myself. And I am looking forward to the sense of accomplishment after! Well, there is also the post-run beer garden! I mean, it is a St. Patty’s day race!

On top of all that, is the fact that it is my 25th birthday that day! I mean how cool to walk right up to your 25th birthday and greet it with a challenging 5k, being surrounded by amazing friends and family. Hopefully I can greet every milestone this way!

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