Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Dairy Queen and Berries!


Forever and 5 days I have been addicted to you
Overly luscious and satisfying, you bring about the greatest of joys
Only now have I realized, I can find joy in other things, like working out, and

Not true! Lol, I just wanted to be funny! But for realz now, food is a highlight in my life. Not just because I love the taste, texture, and satisfaction, but because I have always seen baking as a bit of an art. I love making cookies and cakes and recipes that people shed tears trying to recreate. Somehow, I have always been able to hop in the kitchen and generally create some appealing dishes, and yes, there have been some failures, and there are some WW recipes that have added to those failures, but generally, I keep it real, I keep it simple, and I keep it really simply delicious. Hehe…so with my “food adventure”, I have been trying some new recipes, and honestly, there have been so many good ones and only a few duds! I have talked about a few recipes previously but now I am going to lay it all out on the table! Food, pictures, taste tests! Nummy!

Tonight my computer is being a butt so I can't upload pictures for actual recipes but I will give you a treat idea!

Take some beautiful blackberries, or any fruit for that matter.

Top with one Dairy Queen Chocolate bar (1p+)

A super nummy 1p+ treat! Great for the afternoon snack attack!

More recipes tomorrow once I get all my pictures uploaded!

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