Thursday, March 3, 2011

mix'in it up...

So after embarking on a wonderful adventure to the meat palace Fogo De Chao last night, I woke up this morning at a weight of 228.5. That is up .5 from last week. But honestly, I enjoyed Fogo with my coworkers, and I enjoyed my splurges last weekend, or my “refueling” as I see it. But today was a great day to pick myself up and keep trucking along!

Chaz had an interview this morning so that made the start of my day especially bright. He has a lot of people who like his work and a lot of people who are rooting for him! And I am so proud of everything he has accomplished!

Tomorrow night is hangout time with the college roommates and the rest of the weekend will be relaxing, cleaning, running, and conquering large amounts of homework! Ah the joys of school!

Really looking forward to enjoying some healthy snacks too! Here is what I am munching on to keep myself satisfied!
· Clementine’s 0p+ (always a great treat!)
· Mini box of raisins 1p+
· WW English muffin with jam 4p+ (add some butter for 1p+)
· Edy’s double churn Samoa’s ice cream 3p+
· Raw Sugar Snap peas 0p+ nummy!
· Strawberries and Grapes 0p+
· The most refreshing tropical tasting mix of bananas and Clementine’s in a bowl together 0p+
· Not opposed to drizzling 1p+ light chocolate syrup on any of the above! Well, maybe the snap peas!

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