Saturday, March 5, 2011


When you love your wedding as much as I did, do, and always will, it is fun to sometimes reflect on certain parts of it. The other day, while driving back from Moorhead, I started reflecting on the little things that made my day special. Things I hopefully don’t forget and am able to make other friends who get married step back and realize. Here are some fun things I picked out from my special day!

· Sleeping in till 9:30! I mean, I know I love sleeping in now but I didn’t do it often back then and I certainly never dreamed I would do it on my wedding day!
· Watching TNT in my wedding dress while everyone was out taking pictures with my two dogs at my feet.
· Painting finger nails and toe nails, helping others get ready.
· Eating subway.
· Seeing my cakes for the first time!
· Waking up and walking right upstairs to get my drink on with some mimosas!
· Stopping at Terri's friend Julie’s house on the way and snacking on tortilla’s and veggies prior to the ceremony.
· Listening to Black Eyed Pea’s “Tonight’s Gonna Be a good night” on the way to the chapel!
· Giving a couple who was married the weekend before us a ride back to the hotel!
· Getting to the Chateau we were staying at and playing with the resident cat!

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