Sunday, March 27, 2011

Who knew "eating adventure" meant making more cookies?

Seriously, since beginning this "eating adventure", I have come across a host of WW cookie recipes from all the blogs I love to read! Since I have an incurable sweet tooth, all these recipes have really helped! Right now I just made a batch of lemon cookies and you can find the recipe here! I mean, who can say no to creamed sugar and butter!

A little lemon, and little love, and viola! Nummy nummy in my tummy! I followed the recipe except instead of fresh lemon juice, I had to use bottled lemon juice. And I did not have white whole wheat flour so I used whole wheat flower. And with out a fresh lemon, I did not have lemon zest, so i zested an orange. Tasted great, however, real lemon juice may make them a bit less tangy! No matter, I really enjoyed them and just love the fact that they are 1 p+. And they taste bomb over some light vanilla ice cream! And you will have to notice that all this cookie baking has lead me to buy some new equipment! Silicone baking mats! Woot woot!

With all this cookie baking, I have made sure to keep the exercise regimen up! Since running the 5k a few weeks back, I have been addicted to running! Here is me and the crew on my birthday before heading out to the Irish for a Day 5k!

And here is a pic of my running towards the finish line! I ran the whole thing and was so pumped! This was my second 5k but the first I actually trained for! I am already excited to participate in my second 5k which will be in about two months! I run for distance but I may try and up my PR!

All this running has encouraged me to seek out stretches that are healthy and will keep me injury free. This is my favorite for stretching my calves. I sit with my legs straight out with a slight bend at the knee, place my palms on the bottom of my foot, and pull forward. I hole this for 30 seconds and do it 2-3 times.

My next goal is to do some Internet research or talk to a trainer about the correct way to train. I want to do this injury free and make sure that I am crossing training! I know I can't run 3 miles every other day...I need to come up with a schedule and make sure I am doing everything safely and correctly. I run about 3 days a week, anywhere from 2-3 miles, and the other days I do the elliptical machine, Biggest Loser DVD's and my 30 Day Shred.

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