Sunday, September 30, 2012

Grandma Diaries (2)

Grandma E grew up in Canada, and then spent most of her years in Northern Minnesota.  I love hearing stories about all of my grandparents younger years, but there is something particularly special when Grandma E shares a story because I was lucky enough to know her mom, my Great Grandma.  She passed away when I was 19 so knowing her, makes knowing the past, all the more interesting. 

My Great Grandma was a good cook.  This I know first hand!  Her specialty when we would head up north for a visit was Potato Pizza-the link is along the lines but I don't remember there being tomato in it.  I will dig up the recipe and post later!  She also would have little dishes of Ranch Oyster crackers sitting around.  They are straight up crack!  Of course she was also great at whipping up anything the Schwann's Man delivered...but we all agreed, a meal made by her was a delicious one!

Since I have an obsession with food, I decided to ask Grandma E what meals were like in her house growing up.  I love thinking about old fashion family dinners.  It's heart warming to think about and in previous years, I believe there was more of an emphasis on homemade and I love that aspect!

Growing up, my grandma enjoyed meals of meatloaf, ring bologna, and hot dishes.  They ate farm fresh chicken and beef and homemade vegetable soup.  My grandma shared with my that she loved admiring the canned jars of peaches, blueberries, pears and beets on the cupboards in the kitchen, all of which my great grandma would can from vegetables from my great grandpa's garden.  That would be a lovely site!  And the baked goods!  Oh what I wouldn't give to sample them!  My great grandma would make homemade cakes, quick breads, and pies.  My Grandma E wrote that the apple and peach pies my great grandma made were super!

It's memories like these that make me want nothing more than to provide my family with home cooked meals, homemade treats, all while teaching a healthy, balanced lifestyle.  There's something special about the past.  The slower pace, the handcrafted meals and projects around the house, and the family time.

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