Monday, October 1, 2012

Happy Monday!!!

It's Monday, and it's the first of October.  Can you say fresh start?!?


Not only do we get a new week today, we get a new month!  Let's rock this one! 

BIG GOAL: 5 pounds by Thanksgiving

MONTHLY GOAL: 4 SOLID pounds by 10-31 (my weight fluctuates a lot, like daily, so by solid, I mean I want them off and not creeping around!)

Plan of attack:
  • Workout daily: 3 days Cardio, 2 days Weights/Strength, 2 days Stretching, Plyometrics, anything to get some activity in!
  • Tracking Daily: I am going to blow up the WW app on my phone...I want to task myself to track as much as I can!  (sometimes I just forget, or get too busy)
  • STOP THE NIGHT TIME SNACKING!  I just end of feeling bloated and gross anyways!  After 9 pm, only liquid (water, tea, hot chocolate, but no solids!)
Happy Monday!  Peace out Peeps! 

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