Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Bfast is where it's at!...

Breakfast is hella important. Case in point. This morning I had someone shadowing me. After grabbing my coffee (I opted for a latte just to get some protein), I was off to pick her up. Then the rest of the morning was go, go ,go! I had no time to really break, and breakfast just didn’t happen. And I eat breakfast everyday! Even on the weekends when I wake up around 11 (and yes, that happens often if I have nothing pressing to get done!).

We had lunch around noon. I ate my amazing leftovers! Last night I made mushroom stroganoff using a recipe from Skinnytaste.com…so good, and the portion size is super filling! At least it was last night. This afternoon, different story. 2pm rolled around and my stomach started growling. Little bitch! I knew I had a gym session after work so I decided to eat some breakfast! Starbucks oatmeal and another small latte. Take that hunger.

I certainly learned to importance of breakfast today. Of course I already knew how amazing it is, but now I also know how vital it is for me! I am still in awe of how hungry I was after two hours!

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