Tuesday, September 25, 2012


After a weekend of food and friends, I once again find myself where I usually do; off track and back to where I started.

Last week I had a great week.  Down two pounds, intense workouts almost daily, and I generally watched my food intake.

Now this weekend, while I didn't eat a lot, I didn't eat "good for you" food, I didn't work out, and I have probably put those two pounds back on.

At what point can I get so fucking frustrated that it finally just takes.  When will I finally put in the effort, all the effort needed, and finally see the results.  Honestly, this shit is getting old.  I just need to change.  I need accountability.

I am going to switch my weigh in day from Wednesday to Thursday.  That's 8 weeks out from Thanksgiving.  I need the deadline.  I need a goal.  I want to be down 5 pounds.  I don't need anymore, but I need that!  I just want healthy; mind, body, and soul.

So this Thursday, I am putting the weight out there, and I am going to check-in weekly with a picture of the scale.  Up or down, I just want accountability.

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