Thursday, April 5, 2012

Long hours for now

This week has been ubber crazy.  We are headed to the CO for Easter, and to see my grandpa, who is not doing to well, so I have been cramming in my hours at work.  I will successfully get in all 40 hours, and still have tomorrow off...but it has come with some sacrifices...more on that later! 

I am glad I crammed in all 40 hours this week because next week, I would have to do it all over again, with having Monday off, but to top that off, I am out early next Friday because next weekend starts the two weekends in a row crazy fest that is Select Hockey weekends...I love them; I love the hockey, the great players, getting to see familiar faces from the hockey world, but the two weekends are completely and utterly draining!  And I have to be on my A game because the weekend after, I run a 10k.  AND, nothing like adding school back into the mix next week too!  So if I have to take any vacation, I am going to do it next week...but hopefully it's not too much...I want to be able to take in some camping this summer, and of course, there is my trip to Alaska, so here's to hoping I can pace the vacation I take...and hopefully have enough to cover all my dreams and desires!  lol

But this week has been out the door by 7, and not back in the door till after 7.  Add to that packing, laundry, and the little hints of exercise I was able to fit in and you've got one hell of a week.  Prior to this week I was following a running schedule to a T, and I fricken loved it, but I am going to have to do some serious make up runs in the CO and next week, I am back on that training plan!  I am not going to let that be sacrificed next week! 
I just love hitting the pavement and honestly, it keeps me sane, relaxed, what have you! I am glad that prior to this crazy week I did get in a 4.5 mile run with under 12 minutes miles!  That's huge for me!  Distance, and a decent pace!  The final breakout was 11:39 minute miles!  I'm cool with that.  And thank gosh, cause it probs helped fuel me through this past week. 

The added running and working out has been making me feel marvelous.  My clothes are fitting better, my face is looking less puffy, and I just feel good.  "Crazy week", as I'll formally name it, took a toll on my healthy eating, but not in a super bad way, and I can reign myself back in!  I weigh in weekly, not necessarily for the number, but to keep myself on track...the number can motivate, but it also can make me crabby...luckily I have gotten better and tuning into my own body and how I feel....I don't dread the weigh in as much as I used to.  I have learned to except a number if it is bad and work hard to change it the next week. 

A little weigh in tip:  I weigh in once a week, and that's about as often as I ever want to make a date with my scale!  I have a little sign taped to my mirror and every Tuesday night, I move it to the middle so I remember to weigh in on Wednesday morning...I am not a morning person so trust me, this is also necessary to keep on track!  
So I am headed off to the CO tonight, road tripping with the padres and my brother.  The hubby is staying home to work...I will miss him but I am sure he will enjoy some peaceful time at home!  So I get to feel like a teenager, road tripping with the fam all serious, sometimes it feels weird being a 26 year old married lady road tripping with the padres...not in a bad way, just a weird way.  I don't know about you but around my peers and husband, I feel like an adult, but still sometimes feel like a kid around my parents...I wonder if that ever goes away, not like it matters...just a thought!  I have packed some good snacks (mostly healthy!!!:) and some good books!  Here's to safe travels for all those traveling this Easter weekend!

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