Friday, April 20, 2012

Ugh, my legs!

I rested two days, well, I shredded for two days (30 day shredded, that is!), and was able to finally get in a run yesterday. 

During my run, my calf actually felt great.  No tightness or pain, I only wish the weather would have been nicer.  I did a mile indoors at the Y (on the track), and then took it outside for another mile.  The rain ended up holding off though so I wish I would have just gone to the lake. 

I was beyond pumped that my calf was feeling good.  I made sure to stretch before, and after, and drink a lot of water during the day, along with some wonderful green tea.  I am feeling a little tightness today, but no pain.  I am hoping to combat it with some advil, water, and a nice rub down from my mom at the hockey event tonight!  That's right folks, one more weekend of hockey.  It will be long, it will be crazy, but the money will be wonderful, especially since our trip to Alaska is quickly approaching (yep, just did a happy dance at my desk!).  AND, the best part is, this Sunday is supposed to be nice, and we get done at 5, as opposed to 9 last Sunday, so I am hoping I can log my 5 mile run Sunday night!  Wish me luck!

Happy Weekend Peeps!

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