Thursday, April 12, 2012

Welcome home!

This past weekend in the CO was wonderful.  I had an amazing time with family and the weather was warm and sunny…my favorite kind!  We enjoyed tons of food and I even learned a new game…Bunko….straight up life changing! 

The driving wasn’t too bad…I am an expert at sleeping in the car, and I had packed a book, some movies, and knitting.  I didn’t eat too bad….but I didn’t eat too good.  I got home and after relishing in my welcome home gift,
I headed straight to the bathroom where I stripped down and started the mission I would like to refer to as, “Try to make it look and feel like you did not just spend over 30 hours in the car over the span of the last four days”.  Yes, TMI, but seriously, I have never been that eager to just rid myself of everything related to a road trip.  I even got down to the knitty gritty, removing my chipped nail polish and replacing it with a fresh, clear color…it’s the little things! 

Again this week I needed to put in some crazy hours but it looks like I will be taking a little bit of vacation...can't sweat the small stuff.  In the end, it's all worth it, and that's what matters!  Even ditching out of work early yesterday only to go home and nap!  lol...but even with my week being travel and work crazy, I have been productive!  Not much by way of working out but I am making headway with my class, did some cleaning and organizing, and I am tracking what I am eating.  I am feeling pretty good, with a good amount of sleep, so really can't complain. 

This weekend I have a hockey tournament all weekend, and it gets to be a long weekend, only to be repeated next weekend but I have already planned to not go into work until 9:30 on Monday and Monday night I will take in a movie with my friend to make it ubber relaxing!  Seriously, probably the best plan I have come up with for combating stress!  Allow for recovery and plan something to look forward to!  Done and done!

Tonight I am running the lakes...hoping for a nice run that just comes easily...sometimes they can be a pain, and sometimes they just rock!  Hoping to Rock it!

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