Tuesday, April 17, 2012


The hockey tournament this weekend went well...of course it was long, and tiring, but the money is good, and I enjoy the people! I watched what I ate, for the most part, and even snuck in a late night run Saturday night...kinda wishing I hadn't done that...well, actually really wishing I hadn't.

From the beginning of my run, my calf felt tight, but I just forged ahead, punching out a mile. I could tell me calf was unhappy, but I thought it would stretch out after a quick walk. It didn't, and Sunday I walked around with the tightest muscle cramp. My mom gave me a deep tissue massage...she's kind of a pro at that bizzo. And I have been icing, heating, compressing, and it was feeling much better...so today, when I could tell my body was craving a long run, I thought I would just head out and do it!  In the back of my mind, my calf haunted me, but I had to give it a shot...everything else felt spot on. My calf, however, had other plans. And while it wasn't an intense pain, it was there, and if I learned anything from Saturdays run, it's that I can't push it.  So after one mile tonight, I just threw in the towel.  And I was bummed.  I hate not getting in a run, especially when everything falls into place so nicely (ie. feeling good, good weather, timing).

I know next Saturday when I run my 10k, I will be thankful that I rested, but right now, I'm still kind of beating myself up.  I need to learn that there is a time and place for everything and tonight just wasn't the night for a long run, even though I so wanted it to be.  Wish me luck that after a few days of cross training, I can get back out there an pound the pavement!

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