Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Yeah...that's the sound my calves are

No, actually, my calf is doing a lot better...still a little tight, but it withstood a 3.75 mile run yesterday so I think I should be good for Saturday's race.  I am nervous though because I did not reach over 5 miles in my training...My calf straight up stood in the way of that.  So completing a 6.2 mile run may be a challenge, but it's a challenge I am going to face head on!  I have been stretching, icing, heating, compressing.  I am really paying attention to my body and hopefully that helps.

Here is my plan for the rest of the week leading up to the race:

Today-walk, stretching, foam roller
Thursday-30 day shred, shake out run (mile or two)
Saturday-Run my tush off

Things I want to remember during race (a letter to myself!?!):

  • Those people passing you, let them.  Find your pace, and go with it.  You are running for you, not them.  Do YOUR best.
  • Don't start out will kick you in the pants later.  
  • Take in your surroundings.  Enjoy the atmosphere, the people, and the weather (even if it is supposed to be chilly!  eek!)
  • Listening to your body.  What hurts?  How does it feel?  How do you feel?  What feels good?
  • Dream about the bath and nummy food you are going to eat when you are done!
In other news, I have given up pop...I have been getting my fix with Seagrams Sparkling Seltzer Water..the White Peach is ridic!  Not sweet, of course, but still just refreshing!  And yeah, I occasionally take a sip of my husband's soda, but whatev''s no where near as much as I used to drink!

And I think that's about it folks!

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