Monday, July 25, 2011

I hate numbers....

ugh....I am crying my eye balls right out of my head at this very moment because school has started and it is hard and time consuming and a huge pain in my perfectly proportioned arse. And I am not physically crying as much as I am crying on the inside. I can honestly say that I probs hate this class the most. Generally I love school and I seek out the opportunity to learn something interesting and take it all in. But not this one...I hate it...I just want to survive it. Why do I hate it so? You might ask. Cause its statistics and I do. That's all. Anyone taken statistics? Anyone liked it? You're fricken crazy.

HOWEVER, I will not let this little biatch of a class bring me down. I am going to devote time to it each night. I am going to stay on top of it. I am going to call into the optional phone in sessions. I am going to listen, read, and hope for the next 7 weeks to move at a slightly faster pace then usual...oh f that, that means wishing away summer. Can't a girl catch a break.

Looking forward to figuring out graduation details in the near future though! I graduate in May and have the option to do either a graduation ceremony in San Antonio Texas in February or the MN in August....DUH! Texas it is! VACAY!

(It's the little things!)

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