Sunday, July 17, 2011

A much needed Sunday...

I love Sunday's. Definitely not because they are the end of the weekend and Monday is looming just around the corner, but they are truly a day to relax and slow down. Today I failed to truly relax. Well, I guess I did sleep till around noon, but it was a busy day!

Like I said, I slept till noon. Sort of. I woke up at 10, came upstairs, and decided to crawl back into D. lo's bed for an extra hour or so. I slept on and off until Chaz and I decided to head out to Buffalo. I had planned to help my parents with some chores, and in addition, I just needed some family time. We had a great, really late brunch when we arrived, then I headed to the basement to clean the insanely gross laundry room. It was quite a task and took me till dinner time but I definitely felt accomplished once it was completed.

Then we did what everyone should do on Sunday. We had a wonderful family dinner prepared by my mom. Everyone was happy and chatty and life was just good. And I love those kind of days. I NEEDED one of those days.

So now it is off to another week. I am looking forward to it. I have eaten my way through the weekend and now need to really focus on working out and eating right. Two things I love but have a hard time doing on a daily basis.

So goodnight, and here's to a great week. My healthy lunch is packed, my bag is ready to go, and I am all cleaned up after a day of hard work. Wish me luck on eating right tomorrow! On that note, I will leave you with a wonderful, filling, healthy snack! Light String cheese 1p+, 100 calorie pack almonds 3p+! Nummy!

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