Sunday, July 10, 2011

Christmas in July...hell no

Tomorrow is Monday...I have no clue where the weekend went, or last week, or the first part of summer. It all just flies by and melds into one cluster of crazy business and while I am super excited and loving every moment of my crazy busy summer, I can't help but feel a little melancholy about the fact that we are quickly approaching the middle of July which somehow leads us to Halloween and pretty soon we are singing jingle bells (this could also be due to the fact that Christmas music now starts in early November).

This week alone has been so full of excitement, adventure, and nerves that I have no clue where it went! On Monday I ran a 1/2 Marathon...more on that later. And Tuesday I started a new position! I got promoted to a Sr. Plannogram Specialist...I will be working with the placement of products in the store. I am very excited for this new chapter, even though I really miss my old team and handbags! It is nice to be rewarded for hard work however and the compliments and praise I got through this whole process will keep me chugging along for quite some time.

Wednesday I also got to check another thing off of my bucket list. I saw Nicki Minaj and Britney Spears in concert! While I love them both, growing up with Britney Spears made me extra excited to see her perform. When she hopped on the crazy lady train a few years back, I wasn't sure I would ever get the chance to see her live, but alas, I did, and while she was a bit robotic and tense, she looked great and the show was entertaining! Plus I was with some amazing ladies! Then Chaz and I spent the weekend in Wisconsin with our friends Laura and Dave and we couldn't have asked for a better weekend! I came home with a summer cold but I am sure that is just my body telling me to take it slow after all the excitement. I made sure to party it up however, taking in the rope swing, a few margaritas, and a few competitive games. And nothing is better then hanging out with good friends and just enjoying life!

And yes, then there is that run...that 1/2 Marathon. While I can't say I ran an entire 1/2 Marathon, I can say I probably ran about 2/3 of it. Had I not been attacked by a strong case of nerves, and a sudden panic attack, I may have done better, but I am still so proud of accomplishing this goal. I finished, and I wasn't the last one to cross the finish line, so I am happy! And I ran it with my wonderful mother who so could have rocked the race at a much faster pace, but stayed with me so we could complete it together. I am proud of the fact that I completed it. I am proud that I ran the first 6 to 7 miles almost completely with only one bathroom stop and one water break. And I am proud that I did not have my husband or dad come pick me up at mile 7 when I just broke down from STRESS/EXCITEMENT/PRESSURE/IHAVENOCLUE!

This week thus far is looking a little more chill. My knees have been killing me since the race but I did a small run tonight and I am looking forward to some more running this week. Plus classes have started and I am taking a very scary statistics class so I am going to but some time and effort into getting that started on the right foot this week.

On a side note: Thanks to everyone for the support during my 1/2 Marathon Training...I could not have done it without you! I am pretty lucky!

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