Tuesday, July 19, 2011

iced coffee lovin and mac computers...

SO the last two days have been nothing but Weight Watchers and nothing but love for Weight Watchers. After getting off track for like two weeks, three weeks, ok, maybe two months or so, I have just been craving to dive in head first. It's just those late night snack attacks that catch me off guard. Well, I am here to vocalize that I want nothing more then to reduce those late night snack attacks. I don't mind small late night snack attacks but the attack where I eat something sweet, then switch to salty, and then need to switch back to sweet...that craps gotta stop.

Both today and yesterday I have been so busy at work that I have come home with over half my points still in tact, yet I just get hit with the munchies. Last night I used 10 weekly points...and tonight, at 8:15, I am into my weekly points by one...and for tonight, that is all it will be. I had dinner, my light ice cream with strawberries and chocolate syrup, and now I am done! Let's hope putting it out in the open will help it come true...I mean, I am fricken full so I can't even justify a snack attack!

And i have to share with you my morning coffee wonderfulness...that is what I am naming it! I have iced coffee that I keep in the fridge. I brew a very Strong pot of coffee (for 10 cups of coffee I use 3/4 cup of grounds). I put it in the fridge for the week, then in the morning, put it in a water bottle with ice cubes, 1 tbsp. International Delight Natural Sweet Cream Coffee Creamer and 1 tbsp Chocolate syrup for an amazing 2p+ coffee! And I fill my Camelbak so it is a big, perfectly sweet cup of wonderfulness! So GOOD, and SOOOO much cheaper then a daily coffee run! Having it in a water bottle also allows me to refrigerate some for later in the afternoon!

Other then that, life right now is homework, and surviving some ridic heat here in the MN! Chaz is a proud owner of a MAC computer however so that is something to celebrate! That and we celebrate 9 years and 3 months of being together today...so even though life is simple, it is so full of blessings!

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