Monday, July 18, 2011

Monday Monday...getting on track!

Ah Monday. Like always, I wish the weekend would last longer. I wish I could have one extra day to check stuff off my wish list and of course, find more time to relax. But it’s Monday, and the week is started, so I just have to jump right in!

Today I was overly prepared for my day by packing breakfast, lunch, a snack, and making iced coffee. I really want to continue to track my food intake, something I have so been lacking on! In addition, I am gonna rock some great workouts as often as I can this week!

I have started my statistics course however and it is a bit nerve racking. I had to download some special software and I can’t even get it to work so that is a good sign right? Lol…wish me luck!

I have a week filled with friends, working out, and doing some prep work for Kristie’s wedding! Last week I got my dress and this week I am going to focus on shower invites! And tomorrow is also a fun day in the Durgin household. Chaz and I will celebrate 9 years and 3 months together! We're getting up there!

Wedding tip of the day: When registering, register for more than you would think. People want variety and the ability to pick out a special gift, and in addition, you don’t want it to be the week before and have nothing left for people to chose from. Believe me, not everyone will go the gift card route. You may end up with a homemade toaster cover (do people use those anymore!?) lol!

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