Friday, October 22, 2010

Will I ever be able to run my a** off?

I have been trying to get outside and run for the last few weeks. You know, TRY and train for a 5k! Uh! Anyways, I was running Lake Calhoun, but have only been able to go like once or twice a weeknight as it gets dark so fast or else I have crap going on. While running, I am just not getting into the grove of things like I know I can. I am maybe running half the lake, if that, so maybe around 1 mile of it. For sure not the three I need to get to. This lead me to believe that maybe my heart is just not as in shape as it usually is due to being busy and not exercising enough. So this week, I have decided to take a break from outdoor running and do some cardio at the gym. I have been doing elliptical, walking at an incline, some running on the treadmill. It is feeling good and I believe I am getting a good cardio workout, I just hope it translates to the pavement well. One thing I know for sure, I can not train for a 5k by running on an indoor treadmill. To me, running on the treadmill and running outside are pretty different. I always have to work a little harder outside. But as I said, my main focus right now is cardio and I will just have to hit the pavement when I can! Wish me luck!

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