Sunday, October 10, 2010

I almost forgot....

to tell you about Chaz's 26th Golden Birthday and our first wedding anniversary!

We decided to make it a special day, do a little shopping, go out for a wonderful supper, and stay the night in a hotel! We did all that and more!

Saturday started out with some beautiful flowers from my baby! He sure knows how to pick them!
Then we headed off to the Embassy Suites in Bloomington.
We had a great two bedroom suite with lots of space to spread out and relax.
And it was Chaz's birthday but also our anniversary so since we had celebrated the week prior with birthday cake, we decided to do a more wedding specifiic dessert the weekend of! We got cupcakes designed like our wedding cake from the same bakery.
I made Chaz do a little posing outside our room.
And then it was off to the MOA!

We shopped our hearts out and enjoyed a wonderful dinner at Crave. Chaz had a steak and horseradish mahed potatoes and I had salmon and lobster mashed potatoes. And we enjoyed some wonderful drinks and appetizers as we had recieved a giftcard from my parents that was generous enough to allow so!
Sunday was the actual day of Chaz's birthday and our anniversary but we made it a more birthday specific day. We decided to head to my grandma's to take advantage of her big kitchen while she was away and made a wonderful supper of Chaz's favortie foods!
That of course included stroganoff and chicken wings! Weird combo but sooooo good!
We had a beautiful weekend! Thank you to all who sent love, well wishes, and cards! It was great knowing that others remembered our special day and Chaz's birthday!

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