Sunday, October 24, 2010

time for a break...

I really need a vacation. I realize this will maybe not happen till after Christmas but I would love a vacation to a warm weather destination where I could drink pina coladas and lay on the beach all day. I guess I would even take a cabin up north where I could drink hot cocoa and read all day. Really, anything to look forward to would be nice!

We are going to Colorado for Thanksgiving, and that will be a blast cause I love Colorado and my family there, but that will not be as much of a relaxing trip as I want to get in as much time with family and run around enjoying the scenery and doing some outdoor activities and baking for thanksgiving and getting in some Christmas shopping and enjoying the mountains and loving on my cousins and YOU GET THE PICTURE! I am talking about needing a trip where I can just check out. This has made me day dream which in return as made me compile a list of places I would love to go to!

Mexico-think swanky resort
Ft. Lauderdale, FL
San Diego, CA
Duluth, MN
Miami, FL
Aspen, CO
Lake Tahoe, NV
Dublin, Ireland
San Fransisco, CA

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