Monday, October 18, 2010

Why I fricken love October and Halloween!

We have had our place decorated since Labor Day but since it is actually October, I can brag about that fact now. Prior to October you would have looked at me like I was crazy.
Conclusion: I love fall, October, and Halloween. And I happen to be married to a man who shares my sentiments.

The main reasons that I love this season are as follows:

I love the pumpkins and scare crows and dimmed lights that create a creepy illusion when their shadows are cast upon the walls.
I can't say enough about fun size candy wrapped in shiny brown, orange and maroon foils. Or the oreos stuffed with decedent orange cream (insert licking lips!)
I love the scary movies that play on tv, whether they are old or more current, back and white or color. And since I don't like to be too scared, I really love the Halloween movies that play on such stations as say, the Family Channel or Disney! lol

I also love the costumes that people try and shove there kids into...some are so completely ridiculous that you can not help but laugh. I can't wait till I have kids as they will be the ones you laugh at!

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