Tuesday, October 5, 2010

the ups and downs...

So tonight I started my first real training for my 5k. It has been busy around here with wedding prep and such so I have not had much time but tonight, it all begins! Next week school starts back up for me and I am hoping to not get side tracked! I will just need to stay on top of things and stay organized as I am also looking to get a seasonal part time job! Kind of a lot to take on but I really think I have the time and can manage.

So why a side job you may ask? Well, we have been lucky enough to have had unemployment for Chaz from his job at Coke and since he has been in school, we have had this blessing to help us along the way and we have taken full advantage of it. But, as often happens, all good things come to an end and truly, this good thing was a bonus with all the exceptions, so now it is time to get our hands dirty and really get some extra income the good old fashion way. Chaz is currently looking for a part-time job that will work with his schedule at school and I thought, well, I could use some extra money for Christmas so why not jump on the band wagon! Hopefully all goes smoothly. I would really enjoy a part-time job but more importantly, I am hoping Chaz can find a good job that will work around his schooling but will give him the money he needs to pay his bills. Money to help pay our bills. No matter what happens, we try and stay positive, but it can get tough. We can get down about it, but we both value each other, our families, and our friends and that makes any situation so much easier!

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