Tuesday, October 26, 2010


When I was a little girl, my favorite holiday was Christmas. I took every opportunity to celebrate the wonderful holiday. Sometimes I would watch a Christmas movie in July and call it Christmas in July. On top of this I one time played Christmas music in July while working outside at a boat rental shop. I called it Christmas in July then too but today I would call that insanity! I would beg my parents to keep the tree up well into January! The twelve days of Christmas end on January 6th so no doubt the tree must remain up till at least then.

My favorite compilation of Christmas and another holiday was for sure Halloween. My all time favorite costume was when my mom dressed me up as a Christmas tree when I was 5. I loved it so much I repeated it when I was in middle school. The first tree costume consisted of a piece of cardboard, spray painted green with a hole for my face and adorned with ornaments.

The second time I dressed up as a Christmas tree, we took a sheet and spray painted it green. We then attached wire around the bottom to create a hoop. Then we hung real Christmas ornaments from the sheet and I look like an authentic dream. Best part, I know everyone was jealous of my couture creation. Bad part, I was twelve and my mom put real Christmas ornaments on me. Lets just say they did not all make it home!

So that was my favorite Halloween costume...what was yours?

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