Monday, October 18, 2010


fun fact...last post was my 100th post! Woot woot!

This week and last, we have had unseasonably warm weather. It has been in the 70’s and 80’s and sunny. This weekend there were people laying out at the lake; On October 10th…it seems so weird, and I can’t get my brain to fully comprehend why I am not submerged in layers of warm fabric, but I am digging this extension of summer! Soon enough we will have tons of snow and be slipping around on patches of ice while pulling our scarves a little closer to our faces. Winter can be a pretty time, but I can wait for it!

With the weather being so nice, I have not wanted to be inside, but my bedroom needs a major cleaning. It is not messy, just unkempt. And I need to go through all my clothes and desk drawers and purge like crazy! I am thinking of even putting my summer clothes away in storage, just to help make the closet less cluttered. That is kind of a crazy concept for me as I usually wear most my clothes all year round but I know there are things that could be put away for the cold months.

So by next week I should have an organized closet where I can easily find the clothes I want when I actually want to wear them. This will also be good as I am starting a seasonal job at Bath and Body Works and will need to wear white or black…definitely should have a section dedicated to clothes I can wear there!

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