Saturday, October 23, 2010


Dear body,

Let’s have a little heart to heart. I love you. I really do. In fact, I probably have a little too much confidence in you. You have some flaws, and we could for sure correct some, but generally I give you props and I enjoy your flaws. I need to not enjoy the flaws that make you internally unhealthy however. Like for realz, you could stand to lose some of that buldge around the middle. Sure some of it is due to stress and some to the overeating of luscious and decedent desserts and grandma’s lefsa, but really, you know you want to live a long, healthy lifestyle, so let’s just do it and be done with it. And your arms, those guns are just a little too big and a little too flabby! They should not wiggle that way!

However, as we strive to make you a little healthier, let’s try really hard to not lose that firm derrière! It looks great in a nice swimsuit, fantastic in jeans and we can’t even touch that pencil skirt! Let’s just say, you got it going on in the rear! Thighs? Sure, let’s shape those a bit, but truly, let’s do a lot of squats to keep the butt!

You have a few blemishes, but that is nothing a little Mary kay can’t fix and your hair gets a bit frizzy, but I am so impressed how versatile it is. It really can go from one style to the next with just a little work! Let’s just say, you impress me!

So let's work together and just figure out what we need to! Should be a fun time!


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