Saturday, November 3, 2012

Maintain not gain...for realz this time!

Last year I really tried hard to maintain and not gain over the holidays.  I was doing great, up until we actually left for vacation.  Then everything just sort of fell to the waist side.  Literally!  And I didn't get my shit together until after Valentine's day.  I put on a good, solid 10 pounds!

This year, I would really like to focus on maintaining, and not gaining during the holiday season.  Focusing on food during the holiday season can be hard so this is not necessarily the time to put a huge amount of pressure on ones self, but it is also not the time to come undone.  I don't want to have to spend my spring doing damage control again!

My grandma asked me to come up with three things she could do to jumpstart her healthy lifestyle again.  I thought we could all benefit from a few tips so I wanted to share it here!

  1. If you don't currently walk outside daily, let's make a goal to lace up the sneakers and head outside at least once a day, even if it's only to go around the block.  The fresh air mixed with a brisk walk will only do the body good!  I know in the cold months I tend to migrate to the gym more often than working out outside but I am going to make an effort to include some outdoor walking.  Even if I head to the gym, I plan on walking the length of the strip mall it is located in before I head in for my workout!  Tips to help set this in motion:
    • Set a calendar reminder on your phone for a daily push to get you out the door
    • Place a calendar on the fridge and mark off each day you head out with a positive sticker or smiley face.  
    • Set up a reward system.  If you go outside for 30 days in a row, treat yourself to mani/pedi, a new article of clothing, a new book, whatever you fancy! 
  2. Let's make sure we are drinking water throughout the day.  No magic number, let's just do it!  Find what works for you.  8 glasses, 3 nalgene bottles, 6 water bottles...however you like to get your water intake, set a goal, and run with it!  Flushing out the toxins is so good for you body!  It may be tmi but I know I am getting a good amount of water when I need to head to the restroom about every hour!  I am great Monday through Friday but suck on the weekends so I am going to focus on increasing my water intake over the weekends!
  3. Eat breakfast!  It is the most important meal of the day and too many people skip it.  I can't make it two hours without fueling my body!  Oatmeal, eggs, fruit, even vegetables.  Start your day on the right foot.  It will set you up for success the rest of your day!
Happy November!  I am headed outside for a walk with my parents dogs! 

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