Monday, November 12, 2012

I can do it!

Happy Monday! 

Monday's are always great for a fresh start!  A new lease on life!  A do-over! I generally don't like to think of any day or time as a fresh start, because that leads to making excuses (it's better to just jump right back on track when you start thinking this way-don't wait for "Monday") but sometimes a future deadline just seems more obtainable.  Whatever works! 

I had a wonderful weekend with friends, but it involved drinking and not the best eating.  I didn't wait till Monday to start over though.  I stopped at the gym on my way home yesterday...I had been in the car for almost 4 hours and before I left, I put my workout clothes on so I would have no excuse.  I was actually excited to get into the gym and sweat out some booze and stretch my legs!  It was a good workout...I did some running, inclines, and weights!  I really need to focus on adding more strength training. 

I didn't weigh in last Thursday, but I had had an off week and am pretty sure the four pounds I lost in October were not solid pounds.  I fluctuate a lot and I really need to be consistent to take off solid pounds.  Instead of celebrating in my weight loss and continuing to move forward, I actually let my mind think that I could let loose a bit...not a good idea!  And my successful weigh in was Halloween which of course was a great day to let loose-Damn candy!

Like I said previously, I am not going to stress this holiday season, but I sure the hell am not going to gain.  I do not want to exceed 233 at's just not needed. 

Here's to Monday! 

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