Saturday, November 17, 2012

Monday Run!

Monday I got home from work a little late.  It was ridiculously cold outside, but I was craving an outdoor run.  I started out and it was already dark (I don't really understand daylight savings time).  My muscles also felt a bit tight and I couldn't really get my tight shins to join the party.  I could have given up right there.  In fact, I considered it.  But I just told my self to get to a mile.  My body warmed up, I started to get in the groove, and I was feeling good.  I told myself the next step was to get to two miles.  After two miles, I was feeling great.  The desire to complete a 5k was at a peak.  I felt driven and motivated and not only did I complete the 5k, I exceeded it by .15 of a mile.  I ran 3.35 miles!  Moral of the story: Fight for it-Don't Give Up!  

IT WAS WONDERFUL!  It felt amazing to be back in the game, to really feel good and happy running.  My ankle still gets a little sore, but as long as I ice it, it doesn't give me to many problems.  I feel so blessed for this!

Even though there are good days and bad; days where a workout fits into the schedule perfectly and days where it doesn't; days where you eat healthy and feel content and days where you eat the cupboard and feel remorse, the main thing is to fight for it and not give up!

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