Monday, October 29, 2012

Lack of motivation...

I have sat down to write a post about 20 times over the last 2 weeks, but then for some reason, I just decide not to.  I imagine it has something to do with how crazy work has been.  Between working, working out, making dinner, and social activities, there hasn't been a lot of down time so I suppose when I find some, I just like to let me mind wander...hence the reason I have not written.  Hopefully I can turn that corner and start writing more.  I actually love writing.  I find it to be a bit of a brain dump. I can put it all out there.  Find motivation.  Those who want to read, I leave it open for them!  And I love readers, but it is also a source of record for myself.  I write so I can look back on it.  Reference things that have happened, and see patterns in actions and feelings.

This last Thursday was another weigh in.  Another weigh in I missed.  And again, I will give you my excuse.  I was out dog sitting for my parents and I only had their scale to use.  It showed a loss, but I didn't feel like posting it as I almost always see a difference between scales.  I will post this Wednesday, from my scale, as that will mark the end of October and I made a goal for the end of October.  I made a goal of 5 pounds.  Yeah, pretty sure I won't be seeing that.  But hopefully a loss.  And I have been tracking with Weight Watchers so I am not giving up on an 8 pound loss by Thanksgiving.  I know I can do it!

This past weekend was nice and relaxing.  I was out in Btown watching my parents dogs.  I put on no makeup, did a shit load of baking/canning, and didn't wash my hair for 3 days...but yes, I did wash everything else!

I made a yummy cake using a box of chocolate cake mix, a 15 oz. can of pumpkin, and 1 egg.  The egg is not needed but I like the fluffiness it provides.  It was delicious!  A great low-fat, low calorie dessert packed with the benefits of pumpkin.  I would love to make my own dry mix so I know everything that is in it.  I will save that for my next free weekend!
I continued working on a Halloween craft project.  I have spray painted these bottles twice, and am now in the process of adding faces and ribbon on the top.  I used a nice pumpkin orange spray paint and have been drawing faces on with a sharpie paint pen.  Then tying some light golden brown ribbon around the top.

I finished one for my mom but forgot to take a picture.  Once I finish up the remaining four, I will share a pic.  They will get done probably right in time to get taken down!  Like I said, life has been busy!
I also ventured into making spaghetti squash this weekend.  It was really good, but I don't think I cooked it long squash was a bit big and I didn't want to wreck it so I pulled it earlier.  I think I learned that Spaghetti Squash is more durable then people think.  I had heard in the past that it was easy to mess up.  After taking it out of the shell and reheating it again it still looked great so I am not sold on the fact that it is hard to make.  Not sure where I heard these rumors but I am not believing them!  

I split the squash in half, placed it face down in a glass dish with 1/4 cup water and cooked in the microwave for 10 minutes.  Maybe 15 would have been better!  It can be cooked in the oven the same way at 350 degrees for 45-60 minutes.    It really was delicious topped with some Organic pasta sauce and Parmesan cheese!  Super filling too!
So hopefully this will prove to be a good enough catch up post and here's to hopping I can update a bit more in the future!

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