Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A Fall Run...

Today I was craving a run!  And since my ankle has been doing better, I decided to hit the pavement when I got home from work.  I ran 2.29 miles and the first mile was an 11.14 pace.  Since I haven't been running consistently, and I started running a 12 minute mile last winter, I am always stoked when I see anything better then that after not running for a while.  I guess I kind of feel like maybe I didn't lose all of the stamina I built up!

After my run I went to dinner with the hubs then home for a good old ice bath!  I know it was less then 2.5 miles but I just want to make sure that my legs, especially my ankle, can keep up!
The rest of the evening has just been relaxing and catching up on emails.  I love nights like this!  A wonderful fall evening!  I am looking forward to weighing in tomorrow.  I have been tracking what I eat and trying to squeeze in a few workouts, even though life has been a little crazy!  And tomorrow is Halloween!  I fricken love Halloween and I will be heading over to one of my girlfriend's house to help her pass out candy and watch Hocus Pocus...sounds like a pretty perfect night!  

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