Monday, January 23, 2012

and there goes the day...

I have become a bit more of a homebody this fall. I think it might be the homework, or the crazy work schedule, but I have spent more nights at home, more nights making dinner, more nights relaxing and watching tv. But when I get the call, I most certainly still enjoy a good party! I mean, how could you say no to these faces! I enjoyed a wonderful day on Saturday, having lunch with some of my besties, and following it up with a few drinks that evening! I must have really been sleep deprived from my cold because the alcohol went down a bit too smoothly, and while I didn't drink a lot, it seemed to soak in a bit better then usual. Hence, I don't remember much of the car ride home, I left my phone in my friends car, had to leave my car at my grandma's, and woke up at 4pm the next day because I had no phone or husband to wake me up (he was at work). WHAT?!?! You slept till 4pm? Yes...yes I did. And after a few moments of freaking out, and feeling like a loser for wasting the day, I slowly came to the realization that I needed the sleep, I didn't have much to do anyways, and I had one of the best nights in a while with some of the best people in the world.

So in some aspects of my life, I am turning into a bit of an old lady. But in other areas, I am the young whipper snapper I was my senior year of college!


P.S. And seriously, a break down of my alcohol intake so you can see that I really did not drink THAT much, and please keep in mind, this was over the course of 4 hours:

1 22 oz crispin (yum:)
1 ltr hard cider
1 lemon drop shot

I have no shame!

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