Monday, March 22, 2010

I feel lucky!

The three of us, on this journey to a healthy lifestyle, have all taken some different paths these past two weeks. While we all fought initially with getting on the band wagon, especially with me throwing my birthday weekend into the mix, we all seem to be in a “ready, set, go” mind frame.

Tonya made the biggest leap officially joining WW. Since she does not live around us, she wanted an additional way to motivate and find support. Her first week she was down a pound but is nervous for this Wednesday's weigh in since she ventured home and enjoyed some good cooking! She has no regrets however, which is key, cause she enjoyed it and probably won't be home again for a while! What better reason!

Laura has not given the gym much face time but she has been embarking on something us Minnesotans crave, an outdoor walk with our men! Woot woot! Here is her take on this new journey we are embarking on:

“Spring weather certainly helps the motivation juices flow. It's been so wonderful being outside. Dave (the fiancĂ© soon to be husband man-AD) started his new job today as a utility locator and we're looking forward to being able to take walks together when he gets home and we can talk about our days while doing something active together. I have not been to the gym in about 2 weeks because the weather has been so nice, but this week I need to put the extra effort in and get in some gym workouts. I really do sweat a lot more and work harder in the gym. I will also get to see the number on the scale for the first time in 2 weeks. I doubt it has moved so that should give me a little extra punch of motivation for the week. Let's do it!”

Laura is currently up .8 pounds from her lowest in January so even though she took a bit of a break, she is still on her way to a great loss! I believe all together that is ten pounds for her but I will need to double check!

So with Laura heading to the gym to punch out some good lbs, I will not be stepping on the scale until the later part of this week. Last week was crazy with homework and Mr. Man Chaz being gone and I pretty much fell off all together. I was eating bad and I found zero time to get to the gym. I regained some composure this weekend and watched what I ate, but tonight, I am headed to the gym to beat myself into submission (metaphorically).

I think we all have felt success at one point or another these past few weeks. Now I think it is key to remember how good that feels and let that be our guide to continuing successfully. We are lucky to have one another for support, and we can even increase that a bit. I have learned that texts, e-mails, phone calls, and face to face chats are all helpful and really do motivate a person! So here we are, on our "weigh"! I will update with pounds lost, gained, or maintained later this week!

Loves to all!

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Julie said...

Congratulations Girls...keep up the hard work!