Saturday, March 20, 2010

Wedding...yep, still talking about it...

So my wedding day was perfect, as I am sure most brides feel about their day. Of course my bra was over stuffed, and the church was hot so my bangs curled, and we forgot to have someone tape the first dance. However, the few little mishaps that did take place seem so little compared to the day as a whole.

Today, as I was dealing with a "lack of coffee" headache, and feeling a bit run down, I thought back to how perfect my day was and how it seemed nothing could happen to change that feeling. I don't know if my body went into auto pilot and nothing would get me down or if my body was just in top notch form that day. There was no "lack of coffee" headache, although I am not sure if I even had my usual amount. I wasn't hungry, or tired. I had no headache or body ache. There was no stomachs ache, and hardly any facial blemishes! And, the whole night, not one pee break! That's right. Made a pit stop at 4pm, right before the wedding and had no urge to go until the night was over and I was getting ready for bed. How does that happen? How does everything fall into place?

When I was younger, maybe high school, early college age, I always worried about what aliment might plague me on my wedding day. I always seemed to get sick at the most opportune times, or have a stomach ache from getting nervous. I was sure that I would be dealing with one of these issues the day of my wedding, but I experienced none. I felt so relaxed, so clam, so ready to marry my baby. I was happy and content. I even watched TNT for a half an hour, all by myself in my basement, in my wedding dress, right after my bridesmaids left to go take pictures. It just seemed so surreal, the feeling of peace I had that day.

So no doubt, for me, my wedding day was the best. I don't think anything could ever top the feelings of that day. I feel so lucky and blessed and if I ever experience such a day of peace and excitement, I will be sure to let you know!

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