Thursday, March 25, 2010

Life, and then an update!

Today I woke up feeling not good at all. I have no clue what plagued me but my stomach felt gross. Like the stomach flu, but no release. I stayed home from work and slept till noon, then it was one of those days where I was up for a bit but then had to lay back down. Pretty much, it was me and the couch all day. I kind of felt like a baby, or a cat. Just closing my eyes every free chance. I am feeling better tonight but I am sure I will pass out soon. Hopefully tomorrow I wake up fresh and ready to go.

Last night I had a fun night with Laura (no warning of possibly ending up sick the next morning?!?!) We walked the lake and then went for supper at Eli's. Eli's is this cute little restaurant in downtown Minneapolis. Very relaxing and eclectic. I love it so much I had been there the night before with Chaz! Obviously a bit obsessed!

I am looking forward to a weekend of relaxing, working out, and spending some time with Chaz. I have nothing planned, which is not common, so I am going to just enjoy the weekend. The weather in Minnesota has been beautiful so hopefully that will continue through the weekend.

And an update on our weight loss goals:

The weight loss train is 100% in motion. At a total level, to date, Laura has lost 11 pounds, Tonya has lost 7.5 in two weeks, and I am down 8 pounds. We all feel great, and proud of ourselves and one another. So far, it is going great! Any tips on how to keep the motivation going? We would love to hear them!

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