Thursday, March 4, 2010

The other day...

So the other day, in preparation for our kitty's arrival, we did a little housekeeping. And I found my wedding dress. Chaz had tucked it away. Probably so what took place that day would not happen! lol....Cause I love my dress! Fricken LOVE it! So I put it on! Woot woot! Best time ever! Even Chaz was laughing and having fun...he didn't think I was too crazy! Even if ya'll might think so!

Chaz keeps telling me that I should just take it in to get it boxed so it doesn't yellow but I love having that occasional access to I can stare at it's wonderful awesomeness and then talk myself into putting it on. If it was in a box, a would have to skip that last part...sad! But I know he is right and I will soon have to get it boxed...but not before I maybe put it on ONE MORE TIME! are some pictures that occurred post finding my dress!

Yes, this is me just laying on the bed, chilling in my dress in the sunshine! Best day ever! hahaha!

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