Tuesday, March 9, 2010

An apple is how many points?

So me and some key ladies are embarking on a new adventure. We are on the long trek to a healthy lifestyle. We each want to hopefully take off some lbs. but more importantly, we want to be healthy. I would almost say we CRAVE it!

And now to introduce you to the wonderful ladies!

Meet Tonya and Laura. Tonya is a new bride and Laura is about to get married. They have seen the lows of weight, and they have seen the highs. We are coming together to help each other make a difference.
And then there is me!
I too have seen the highs and the lows of weight, and currently, I am close to my highest. After two days of taking on some help from Weight Watchers, I am already feeling great! This morning I weighed in at 4.5 lbs lower then I was in January/February! March seems to be looking up.
Now never fear, my blog will not turn into a weight blog, but we could all use a bit of accountability and what better "weigh". Hahaha! I will periodically update with triumphs and hurdles and maybe if you have some advice, you would give us the pleasure and share it!

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