Thursday, February 25, 2010

2+1= New Addition

Today I was searching cat names in preparation for our new addition. I wanted something fun…classy…cool! Her first name will remain Faith, since that is her name…?...but I want to give her a middle name that we can call her…a name we have given her. Faith Blank!

I thought it may be cool to look up some names in different cultures. There were some cool Hawaiian names. Russian names. Even the Scottish name of Adaira! Cool right. Then it had a link to Chinese names…Dinner came to mind! Lol…I crack myself up! I will keep you all informed about what Chaz and I come up with! And we will introduce her through pictures when we get her on Saturday! Fun times in the Durgin household!

I also thought I would show you all at least two plants that are making it through the winter like champs!

We bought this cute little number at Ikea...yep, Ikea! Crazy right! They have plants!

And this little guy we got from Denis and Terri when they moved to China. I feel like we have done a great job with this one!

Oh, and I can't forget a picture of my Valentine's day flowers! See, living, breathing, plants all over!

We have also had some time to get the apartment all homey! This is my favorite picture and it is hung in the dining room!

It is two cow butts! Nothing better over the dining room table!

And there is the cute little frame we got for our wedding!
Even switched up the bedding! White down comforter with a little southern flare!

And I took the time to actually put our wedding photo in our wedding frame. That only took a few months!
So things are coming together. Life is falling into a nice routine. Granted we will be adding a new family member, but hopefully it will be a smooth and comfortable transition for all!

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