Wednesday, February 24, 2010

greener grass on the other side?

We have some great plants in our house! I never thought when I was young that I would ever have plants. They seemed so hard to take care of. But now, and this is in huge part thanks to chaz, I do not think I could live with out plants!
Some of our plants have been giving us some attitude however. Yes we moved, and this created a bit of shock, but we try and give them sun, proper watering, and a lot of love. One in particular, the housewarming plant we got from Chaz's mom, couldn't give a shit what we do for it. Seriously, it hates us. After having to trim it down so much and cut off all it's dead leaves, we are down to like three stalks on it. I think it is his own fault (the plant's) but I also can't get rid of him, no matter how many times I have pondered taking him out back and uprooting his last few branches.
Any advice? I want to figure out how to keep these plants happy during the Minnesota winter and possibly some advice helping mister attitude regrow some stalks!


Anonymous said...

You are definitely your mother's daughter. I kill anything green! Yeah for you!

Maria said...

We are having troubles with our plants too up here in Fargo! Not enough sunlight I think for ours!!