Monday, February 22, 2010

So yeah...

So this past weekend was great. Most weekends are, but this one is up there.

Chaz went ice fishing so I decided to head to B*town. The Bonnell (me being a new Durgin) girls went to Rancho Grande...they love us there. They loving us=free food! Needless to say, yummy!

Then, Mikey took Kory and I to see Valentine's Day! Good movie...we even followed it up with a popcorn fight in the parking lot...a memory for sure!

Saturday morning I woke up and enjoyed my mom's french toast, headed to Michael's hockey game, and took a nap (and the occasional load of laundry being done in between!). Mikey and I headed in to the Auggie Hockey game which is always a load of fun.

Chaz came home Saturday night and we watched a movie. Mikey stayed over so Sunday I woke up, made cinnamon roles and took him to grandma's. Cleaned my car like no body's business, worked out, and had a great dinner with Chaz!

These are the type of weekends that get me through the week! I love my job, and my weeknights, but there is something simply wonderful about a good, quality weekend!

Here's to the next!

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