Thursday, February 11, 2010


I have a hard time eating bananas. Always have. I am not a fan of the texture, the taste. Pretty much, bananas in general are not my cup of tea. They are healthy though and oh so cheap. Therefore, I occasionally try and eat them.

Earlier this week I was at the whole foods store by my place because it was snowing and I did not want to drive anywhere. I like the whole foods store but there prices can be crazy outrageous and I just can’t afford that right now. Anyways, I bought some bananas...I generally do when I am in an eating healthy phase. And even when I bought the bananas, I pretty much reminded myself that they would go bad, end up in the freezer with the intention of making banana bread, and at some point in the future when I needed room for other food in the freezer, they would get thrown away. Still bought them. 99 cents a pound but they were fair trade bananas so hence the mark up.

Next morning, brought a banana to work to eat plain. It tasted great! Still not a huge fan of bananas but it was fresh and spot on for ripening. I figured either this was the cream of the crop for bananas or, it must be the fair trade. Next day, banana in my smart start. Amazingly delicious. And today, banana in my frozen yogurt! Moral of the story, all bananas were eaten with none going bad for the first time in my life.

In fact, tomorrow my friends are coming over for dinner and I am making frozen chocolate covered bananas. So I will buy bananas twice in one week. Unheard of! I really do think that they tasted better than the regular bananas in the grocery store. Same reason I spend the extra dollar to get cage free organic eggs. They just taste better! I am actually saving money because those bananas I used to buy would end up in the garbage. Same with the eggs. I never wanted to regularly eat eggs and would end up throwing the carton away months later. Now, I buy eggs, and they are eaten before they expire. Yes it is a few extra dollars up front but in the end, I am putting better food in my body and I am eating what I buy=saving money in the end!


Julie said...

You crack me up, Adara! LOVE the bananas post and it just so happens that I LOVE chocolate covered bananas...soooo yummy! Have fun with your friends and Go Go Go Bananas! Love you!!

LAURA said...

the dessert was delicious!! I love bananas.. however, we currently have bananas in the freezer for banana bread! LOL! Hope dave makes it before he goes back to work otherwise they will certainly be thrown!