Tuesday, February 23, 2010

So what are you waiting for...

Sometimes I think it is interesting to sit and ponder what I would like to do? What I would like to accomplish? Then I like to think about why am I not doing what I want to do and how can I change it? I can't do everything, and some goals require money, time, things I have to wait for. But if I keep them in the fore front of my mind, I believe it will be harder to forget and I will accomplish more. What a great thought, right?

So in the upcoming weeks, I want to:

  • Go to Moorhead
  • Run two miles
  • Read a lot of my book
  • Knit
  • Hang out with my friends
  • Get in some family time
  • Love up on my baby
  • Do my homework
  • Watch a good movie

I think that is enough for a few weeks. Next up will be my birthday so maybe some bigger plans around then! We'll see.

In other news, tomorrow is Wednesday. Hump day! Looking forward to another week (haha...already!) so I am glad it is Wednesday! However, I do not wish any day away. They are all so precious and wonderful!

Tomorrow night I am heading to Laura's to pick out some outfits for her engagement photos. She will look great in what ever she wears! Since Chaz and I did not do "formal" engagement photos, I have been thinking about doing some photos when our one year anniversary rolls around. Chaz is down so maybe that will be a "longer" goal! I think it would be fun!

Off to get ready for my Wednesday. Another day in life!

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LAURA said...

I think you two should definitely take some special photos! it will be fun to contrast them in 5 years when your doing photos with your new baby girl or something!

I want to go to Moorhead with you! take me take me! and we should start planning your bday. What would you love to do on your bday?