Thursday, May 14, 2009

Investing in a hobby...

Yesterday, my madre and I went to Archiver's for an afternoon of scrap-booking. With all this wedding stuff and recent traveling, oh, and the wedding of a dear friend, there has been much need for some creativity. And scrap-booking seems to be the answer. While this little hobby is a bit expensive, it is so much fun! And scrap-booking isn't so cut a dry anymore. There are lots of options. You can make cards, invites, picture frames; the options are endless. And honestly, when you are making cards and gifts for people, it really ends up being a cheap hobby.

Either way, it has been fun. And a nice time to bond with my mom. While we are scap-booking, we can talk about anything. Ideas, issues, wedding planning! We seem to be able to multitask very well. We even handled phone calls throughout the afternoon. Super fun!

I will take some pictures of our work the next time we meet up so I can share them with you. In the meantime, check out these sites for ideas to get started yourself!

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