Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Happy Cinco De Mayo!

Today (technically yesterday), we went to Rancho Grande to celebrate Cinco De Mayo. And truly, there is no better place. The atmosphere was great. The band was loud. And the food was simply amazing.

Prior to that, Chaz and I had a counseling session at the church in regards to our upcoming wedding. The counselors told us that we have an amazing relationship and very little to work on. I guess that is what comes from seven years of practice. I am a humble person but it was great to hear that our relationship was so impressive. Makes me feel lucky to have what I do.

And than, it was back to the apartment to keep putting it together. I will post pictures soon! I promise. It really is coming together nicely. It will feel like home soon enough! I can see the potential.

And just for those who want to try the best Mexican food in the world:




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