Saturday, January 19, 2013

Weekend warning...

Weekends can be a tough time to stick to those healthy habits you've acquired throughout the week.  I tend to not have too much trouble as I sleep till noon and only have time for lunch and dinner, but I am guilty of not eating so well for those two meals, and skipping workouts.  But I have been able to adapt my thinking a bit.

Weekends are the perfect time to fit in a workout.  I find myself a bit more relaxed, more laid back, and there always seems to be at least SOME time to fit in a workout.  I have been trying to make my weekends my power days by doing a few workouts.  Today, it was a 2 mile run, and the 30 day shred. Tomorrow, I plan on shredding for two levels.  Since I have the time, I might as well.  Especially since the busy week can also lead to skipped workouts...ah the vicious cycle!

Here's to fit and healthy weekends!

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