Monday, January 14, 2013

Too much pizza...

Today I started a new position.  So far, I fricken love it!  I shall post more later once I pick up some more skills and understanding.

We had a lunch provided during a new employee mixer.  It was great.  I love pizza!  But then we headed to my aunts this evening to cuddle the new baby, and there again, we had pizza.  Don't get me wrong, I fricken love pizza! Breakfast, lunch and dinner pizza...all appeal to me very much!  However, tomorrow night I am headed to California Pizza Kitchen and I am going to pass on the pizza part.  I rarely ever feel this way but I have clearly had TOOOOOOOO much pizza!  Luckily, CPK has an amazing vegan split pea soup.  I will indulge in a bowl of that instead!

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